5 Tips for a Stunning Spring Lawn

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Spring is almost officially here, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll maintain your lawn throughout the season. If you need a little help getting started, here are five tips for keeping your lawn stunning for all of spring:

  1. Clean up debris.

After a long winter, most homeowners are left with a buildup of debris on their lawn, from fallen branches to dead leaves. With a spring clean-up service, these leftover particles, natural remains and any other trash can be picked up and hauled off your lawn, leaving your property as the perfect base for more lawn maintenance.

  1. Water it daily.

Water is key for a stunning spring lawn. Even though spring has a reputation for being filled with rain showers, it’s still recommended to monitor and hydrate your lawn closely. If the area you live in isn’t getting rain two or three times a week, it’s advised to pull out your hose and give the lawn the water it deserves. For homeowners who don’t want to lug around a hose to water their lawn, they can install an irrigation system instead. An irrigation system gives your lawn just the right amount of water, and makes watering your landscape hassle free. And as for the best time frame to water your lawn? Experts say early in the morning, when water is slower to evaporate and your water won’t go to waste. Oppositely, during the day, water is quicker to dry up – this leads to a patchy, discolored lawn instead of a lush, green appearance.

  1. Keep on top of your mowing schedule.

Lawn mowing is essential for spring, so make sure you’re cutting your lawn with the blades set high, at least three and a half inches. And since tall grass is healthy grass, don’t mow your lawn too short – only cut about one third off the top of the blade of grass. This will help the soil stay cool and moist longer, promoting deeper roots, keeping down weed growth and encouraging healthy soil microbes. Additionally, when you’re mowing, make sure the grass is as dry as possible. This will help prevent clumping, clogged mowers and even the spread of disease across the lawn. Mowing the lawn in different directions each time will also promote healthier grass, reducing wear and tear, in addition to helping the grass grow upright.

  1. Fertilize.

Fertilizer is important for keeping a well-maintained lawn. It feeds your grass the nutrients it needs to stay alive through spring, creating a stronger grass so that your lawn looks more green, full and lush than ever before. Additionally, fertilizer will help repair damaged areas affected by weeds or pests – leading to a quicker re-growth of stronger grass that can survive through any weather. Apply a light amount of fertilizer in early spring, and then apply a larger amount later in the season, after the initial growth rush.

  1. Aeration.

Aeration is beneficial when trying to achieve a beautiful spring lawn. If your lawn dries out easily, make aerating your lawn a vital part of your lawn care routine. Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots through small holes in the soil. This helps the roots grow deep, producing a healthier and vigorous lawn. The best time for aerating your lawn is in early spring, when the grass is still cool.

If you need more help with maintaining a healthy, stunning spring lawn, contact Lou’s Landscaping! We promise to keep your lawn gorgeous all season long.

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