Fertilizing & Pest Control in Wayne, NJ

Fertilizer is a necessity for a well maintained lawn. It feeds your grass and plants the nutrients they need to stay alive, helping them to survive throughout the warm New Jersey summers. Our landscapers are experts in proper fertilization, resulting in a much better end result than if you were to try and fertilize your lawn yourself. Proper fertilizer maintenance involves using the right fertilizer for your lawn, putting it down during the right time of the year, and maintaining it throughout with pest control techniques.

Lawn Fertilization in New Jersey

Fertilizer works to create a stronger grass so that your lawn is left looking green, full, and lush. With a proper fertilizer distributed by a professional, weed growth will be repressed. In areas where weeds or pests have damaged your lawn, a fertilizer will repair the damage and lead to quicker re-growth of stronger grass. A well fertilized lawn will also be stronger, allowing it to survive through extreme weather conditions.

If you are tired of having a dull, dead lawn, then it is time to call Lou’s Landscaping and Design Services. Our specialists in fertilizer will assess your lawn and damages to determine the right fertilization plan for your landscape. We will get your yard looking gorgeous in no time at all!