Hurricane Season Prep in NJ


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Safety Preparation for New Jersey’s Storms


As hurricane season arrives in New Jersey, many residents know how badly the weather can impact our homes and communities. The threat of flooding, loss of power, and property damage make the potential of damage to your property a huge threat. If you have an action plan, there will be less stress when a storm is approaching New Jersey. Use our tips below to help come up with the perfect plan to keep you and your family protected when the hurricane arrives!



Make a List of Emergency Contacts


If the power goes out, you may lose access to the Internet and your cell phone. That’s why it’s important to have a written list of any emergency contacts you will need if a power outage occurs. Contacts on your list should include any friends or family, emergency management offices, your local police station and firehouse, local hospital, as well as town government.


Protect Your Car


With bad weather comes the threat of fallen branches and telephone wires. If you hear news of a hurricane approaching, you should move your car away from any poles or trees before the rain begins. Removing trees before the storm that may hang over your driveway can also help your car stay safe from any damage.


Watch Out for Flooding


If your basement or house floods easily during storms, you should consider moving all of your important items to one of the upper levels of your home. You can also help prevent any flooding by making sure your rain gutters are clear. No matter how much you may prepare, sometimes basement flooding is inevitable. If you have experienced any water in your home or on your lawn, trust an experienced company to help you drain the water. Lou’s Landscaping can help you create an action plan to reduce your vulnerability during a severe storm. We can supply sandbags to minimize water damage


Create a Disaster Kit


When disaster strikes, there is no time to run around the house looking for items you may need. That’s why you should create a disaster kit ahead of time and fill it with resources you may need during a hurricane. Some common items to include in your disaster kit are water, non-perishable food, Band-Aids, flashlights, blankets and portable chargers. Also, a whistle or an object that makes a lot of noise will be useful if you need a way to signal for help.


Plan an Evacuation Route


Sometimes during a severe storm, the governor will issue a state of emergency for your town and ask for all residents to evacuate. If the hurricane reaches the point where you must leave your home, you should have an evacuation route planned ahead of time. Be sure to check with your local authorities and the FEMA Evacuation Guidelines to see where to go and for tips on what to pack.


Stay Away from Windows


When the weather is bad, it’s advised to stay far away from any glass or windows. Shattered glass can leave you with deep lacerations and allow for debris to fly through the broken opening. Locking your windows and sliding glass doors prevents the wind from blowing them open. In addition, be sure to drape thick curtains or even blankets over them, in case they shatter. This will reduce the amount of glass inside your home.


Hurricane Clean Up in New Jersey

Hurricanes can be extremely powerful and deadly, especially in New Jersey. However, being properly prepared can save your property and possibly your life. With our informative tips in mind, you can create the perfect plan before any bad weather begins. Once the deadly storms do their damage and you are in need of assistance with cleaning your yard, contact Lou’s Landscaping Service for efficient services. We promise to remove any branches, water, and debris from your property as quickly as possible!

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