Irrigation in Wayne, NJ

Keeping track of when your plants need to be watered and spending hours lugging around a hose is less than ideal for any home owner. Irrigation systems can make your life so much easier, as Lou’s Landscaping and Design can quickly install an irrigation system and maintain it for you.

Irrigation systems provide necessary water to the land or soil in your landscape. In order for your turf to look its absolute best, an irrigation system is often the best choice for home and business owners. Irrigation systems make watering your landscape hassle free. Irrigation systems ensure that your land is getting just the right amount of water while ensuring that environmentally friendly standards are met.

Seasonial Irrigation Restrictions in New Jersey

Our irrigation services are dependent on the season. In Northern New Jersey, irrigation systems typically open up in the Spring to prepare your lawn for the warmer months. We also provide pre-winter service, which will prevent your irrigation system from damage during the winter, such as broken pipes or crack due to freezing temperatures. We also monitor your system throughout the summer to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Call Lou’s Landscaping and Design today to learn more about our irrigation systems and services. We look forward to helping you create and maintain the landscape of your dreams.