Paving in Wayne, NJ

Residential properties, commercial businesses, and homes all have some aspect of pavement. With the harsh weather we get in New Jersey, Lou’s Landscaping understands the beating that pavement takes from freezing temps resulting in dangerous cracks and potholes. Whether you need brand new paving for an addition to your home, asphalt for a parking lot, or repairs to existing pavement, Lou’s Landscaping will be able to handle your paving job with expert care.

Home, Office, and Residential Paving

For the home, office, or residential property in New Jersey requiring some paving, Lou’s Landscaping has tons of options to achieve the look you want. Our concrete pavers offer a wide variety of colors, styles, textures and patterns to achieve the exact look you want for your property. These concrete pavers are affordable and can make a huge difference in increasing the aesthetics and value of your property.

Need asphalt for your parking lot or driveway? Lou’s Landscaping will have your property in tip-top shape with a renewed asphalt surface. Asphalt takes a beating during the winter months leading to cracks and potholes. We can fill just the problem areas, or provide a fresh coat over your property to ensure it stays in top condition for years to come.

Looking to add on a patio in NJ?

Or, maybe a basketball court for the kids? With Lou’s Landscaping we can create your new pavement project with expert care. Tell us exactly what you are looking to achieve with pavement for your property, and Lou’s Landscaping and Design will provide guidance for the best methods to achieving your goals. The results will be exactly what you were looking for!

In addition to our paving services in New Jersey, Lou’s Landscaping and Design also provides hardscaping in New Jersey. This includes fences, walkways, stones, and more. We also have incredible landscaping services, snow plow and removal for the winter, and more. All of our services are available to New Jersey residential properties, commercial businesses, and homes. Contact us today to get started with paving in NJ!