Ponds and Fountains in Wayne, NJ

Ponds and fountains add a peaceful, elegant, and unique touch to any landscape. They provide a center piece for family to gather around, a place to relax when you need some downtime. At Lou’s Landscaping and Design, we work to fulfill each and every client’s desires for their landscape. Through the installation of a fountain or pond in your New Jersey landscape, you can achieve the exact look you have always wanted for your home.

Maintaining Ponds and Fountains in New Jersey

Both ponds and fountains require regular maintenance. This is why it is ideal to install your pond or fountain through us, as we will also take care of the maintenance it will require. Maintenance includes cleaning out debris, changing the water, making repairs, winter prep and servicing your fountain or pond as necessary.

Design Options for Ponds and Fountains in New Jersey

The possibilities are endless when it comes to ponds and fountains. We will perfect the conception, design, installation and lighting to highlight the new addition to your landscape. Call us today to schedule a consultation. We will go through different design possibilities to find something that meets your every need.