How to Prepare for the Spring in February

With February here and spring right around the corner, New Jersey homeowners need to start thinking about how to prepare for the seasonal change. Whether the spring weather comes sooner or later than usual, it is necessary to be prepared for the upcoming season and the possible clean up to follow. With warmer weather on the horizon, there are many things that need to be done to maintain your lawn. Below are different tips on how you can prepare your New Jersey lawn in February, for the spring season.

Ways to Prepare for the Spring Season

Cleaning Up the Yard

The first step to preparing for the spring during February is to clean up the yard. Specifically, you should clean up around any shed, garage or garden you have. Make sure to remove and dispose of fallen branches, leaves and debris. Clean up gently, raking lightly over the soil, so you do not disrupt any tender, new grass shoots. It is imperative to spread out any snow piles to encourage melting.

Tree Pruning

Tree services and pruning can definitely be done during the winter months in New Jersey, especially in February. But, you need to be careful in doing so because you need to be educated on which shrubs to prune. Fruit trees, dead wood, summer shrubs and suckers can all be pruned in February. Hiring a professional could be your best bet for tree services and pruning in New Jersey.

Fertilizing Your Trees

You should fertilize trees and shrubs in preparation for the spring. One thing you need to be aware of when fertilizing either shrubs, roses, or trees is to make sure you use the correct fertilizer for each type of plant. Do your research on fertilizer because if it is not done correctly it can have severe adverse affects on your lawn.

Outdoor Planting

As long as the ground is not frozen outside of your house in February and the snow is gone, you can get most of your outdoor planting done for the spring. After you plant all desired plants, considering it is still the winter in New Jersey, you need to make sure you properly treat and cover them while the weather’s still cold.

Mulching Your Yard

Putting some mulch down on your yard is perfect for spring preparation. You should mulch around trees, shrubs and other parts of your lawn that you see need some extra attention. This can add extra nutrients to your soil, which will help spring blooming plants when it is time. It also makes for a pleasant look to friends and families visiting your home because it makes your lawn look cleaner.

Spring Preparation in New Jersey

In New Jersey, one of the best things about living here is experiencing the fullness of each season. This also means you need to prepare your lawn to endure each season, and change how you maintain it constantly. In order to prepare for the spring season, Lou’s Landscaping & Design, Inc. in Wayne, New Jersey has all of the services that you may need. Whether it is in February in preparation for the spring, or during the spring for lawn maintenance, we are the landscaping company for the job. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you prepare your lawn for any season!

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