Preparing Your Business for the Winter


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Whether you realize it or not, winter is right around the corner. And as we all know in New Jersey, winter means cold, wet and messy weather including lots of sleet and snow. Your office needs to be prepared on how to handle possible inclement weather. Below are some tips that you can use to prepare your office for the upcoming season.

Winter Preparation Tips for your Office

Be Aware of the Weather

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your employees safe during inclement weather. Pay detailed attention to weather reports and alerts and have a plan in place to inform employees if the office will close. In case of a serious storm, you need to have an emergency plan put in place to keep you and your employees out of harms way. Have a communication system to let employees know what the plan is.

Keep a Generator Around

It is always smart, especially in the case of severe weather, to have a backup source of energy around at all times. If a snowstorm knocks out power to thousands of homeowners and businesses in your area, it may take days to regain power. A back up generator can help you get your office up and running quicker and easier.

Prepare Your Office Building

There is always a possibility that storms containing sleet or snow can cause damage to your building’s structure. Check your building in preparation for a storm or winter in general for any drafts, leaks or cracks.Take pictures of the outside and inside to keep inventory of the office. This will assist with any possible replacements needed after snowstorms.

Snow Removal for New Jersey Businesses

The most imperative step to preparing your office for the winter season is to always have a snow and ice removal plan in line. With over fifteen years in the business, Lou’s Landscaping has helped many New Jersey businesses owners with snow removal procedures. Safety is our top priority, which is why our team is ready to roll even before the bad weather begins. Not only do we offer our customers commercial snow plowing, but we also offer ice control, snow removal and salting for your business during the winter seasons. Contact us today at our Wayne, NJ office to get your business prepared for the winter season!

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