Protecting Your Lawn From the Summer Heat


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Taking Care of Your Lawn

Summer is here, and it is a hot one. We can easily avoid the heat by staying inside with the air conditioning on full blast. Sadly, there is no escape from the heat for your lawn. Your lawn goes through a lot of stress in the summer; the sun beats down on it all day, people walk all over it, and animals run and play all over it. There are many ways to take care of your lawn during this stressful time of year. If you have noticed brown patches appearing in your grass, or it is lacking that bright, healthy green color every homeowner hopes for, check out these tips to protect your lawn from the summer heat.

  1. Always Water Your Lawn in the Morning –

    Any time between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. is the most efficient and effective time to water your lawn. Why? Less water is lost due to evaporation and your lawn has plenty of time to dry before nightfall. Half an inch of water twice a week or one inch per week should be plenty to keep your lawn refreshed. The warning signs of a dehydrated lawn include curling blades of grass and footprints left behind when walked on. Overall, it is better to water your lawn thoroughly and occasionally, then a little bit each day. This promotes shallower roots so that the plant is prepared to cope when there is no water coming in on a hot, dry day.

  1. Use a Watering Spike or Sprinkler –

    An effective way to give your lawn the consistent moisture it needs is to simply set up a sprinkler system. A water spike is a sprinkler nozzle on a large plastic reticulation sprinkler extension with a connector to the hose. An automatic system takes out the worry of forgetting to water your lawn during the prime time of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

  1. Be Aware of the Stress Factors Impacting Your Lawn –

    Heat, dry weather, and foot traffic are major stresses for many lawns. When well-watered grass is walked on, the grass blades spring back. On a dry lawn, the grass stays beaten down, and the grass itself can be damaged. Heavy foot traffic on wet soil can lead to soil compaction, which keeps air from getting to grass roots. When your lawn is stressed out, grass won’t grow. Feeding a stressed out lawn is a useless act. Instead, feed your lawn before the hot weather arrives. Once the weather cools down and your lawn is given the gift of rain, this is the perfect time to feed your lawn to help is quickly recover.

  1. Prepare Before the Summer Season Begins –

    If your lawn is prone to heat stress, or you simply want to protect your lawn from the summer heat, start early by overseeding in the fall. It is important to overseed with a grass that’s been bred to handle hot and dry weather.

  1. Hire a Professional –

    Maintaining a lawn can be hard work. There are many important elements that should be kept in mind when taking care of a lawn, so the easiest way to ensure your lawn will be green and healthy all summer long is leaving it to the experts at Lou’s Landscaping and Design. We will manage your lawn weekly with our mowing services and guarantee that your lawn will always look fresh.

The professionals at Lou’s Landscaping and Design understand your lawn and the look you would like to achieve for your home. Because lawns are our specialty, we know the ideal times to cut your grass and about how far you should go in between cuts. If you are interested in getting an estimate for our lawn services, contact us and we will send one of our professionals out to assess your yard and determine the right landscaping services to meet your needs and budget.

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