Spring Fall Clean-ups in Wayne, NJ

After a long, harsh winter in New Jersey, most homeowners are left with an accumulation of debris such as fallen branches and dead leaves. With our spring clean up service, we make our way over to your property after all of the snow has started to melt. We pick up branches, debris, and any other trash and haul it off your lawn and landscape beds so that your property looks clean for the spring weather. Our fall clean up service also takes care of any leaves and debris that have fallen throughout the summer and fall. This is a vital part of the process of preparing your lawn for the winter.

Yard Cleaning in New Jersey

During these cleanups we will prune your bushes, clean up around the borders of your landscape beds, prep for seeding over dead grass, pull out weeds, and plant any shrubbery or flowers you desire. We can combine the spring and/or fall cleanups to any other landscaping package to meet your landscaping needs.

While getting either of these services, many clients choose to also have mulch and fertilizer applied to protect their soil and plants. These are the best times of the year to maintain your landscape so that they are healthy for the next season.