Take Advantage of the Winter for Your Landscape

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Most people have the idea that the winter means that you can’t take care of your landscape or make any changes to it to enhance it. They couldn’t be more wrong! Any time of the year is an opportunity to enhance your landscape, especially in New Jersey. The unique geography lets us fully experience every season, which gives us a new opportunity each season to change our landscape with the times. Below are some ways to take advantage of winter towards your landscape.


How to Create an Appealing Winter Landscape in NJ

Leave No Signs of Fall

This is the first and most obvious step of creating an appealing winter landscape in New Jersey. There are plenty of things that fall leaves behind such as leaves, branches, twigs, etc. that need to be cleaned up to take full advantage of the winter landscape. Do a clean sweep of your yard and your trees to make sure there is no leftover debris from the fall season or any damage to your trees. Make sure all patios and walkways are cleaned as well. This is the first step that needs to be done to get your lawn ready for the winter.


Make the Right Plant Choices

When the winter rolls around, we think that there is no chance for any plants to have life in the harsh conditions. But, that is not the case. In fact, there are plenty of New Jersey plants that bloom in the winter months. This can help your usually bland winter landscape pop! Plants such as the Christmas rose, winter jasmine, witch hazel, and berry type plants all bloom in the winter and are great options for your winter landscape.


Use the Snow to Your Advantage

For most people, their first reaction to when it snows is to clear it all off as soon as humanly possible. But in terms of your landscape, this isn’t the case. Make sure that your driveway, walkways, patios, etc. all cleared off so that people can maneuver without injury. Try to leave it alone everywhere else because snow can provide a wonderful backdrop to your landscape, especially during the holiday season. Leave all of the light snow that rests of the plants and trees, as it is a soothing and beautiful sight for most people.


Sturdy Trees are Better for Winter

Evergreens are the perfect type of tree for the New Jersey winter. Not only do they not lose their leaves, or needles in this case, but also they are extremely sturdy trees that can withstand heavy snow. In addition, they can also survive the harshest of conditions. It helps that their green color goes very well with snow and is a pleasing sight to see!


Add More Than Landscape Aspects

There are many other things than you landscape that you can add to enhance how you overall yard looks in the wintertime. The easiest and other common way to enhance your winter yard is hardscaping. This can be the addition of any object not involving the lawn such as umbrellas, tents, statues, fountains or decorations. Hardscaping is something that you have more control over the strategy to help enhance your winter yard in New Jersey.


Landscaping in Wayne, New Jersey

At all times of the year, people are looking for landscaping companies in their area to help them get their dream yard. In North Jersey there is no better landscaping company than Lou’s Landscaping out of Wayne, NJ. We offer a number of services for your every landscaping or hardscaping need. We also offer snow plowing and removal during the winter months. Contact us today to get your landscaping dreams started!

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