Tips for Affordable Spring Cleanup

Spring is in the air, and with it comes familiar, welcome sights and sounds. Inviting April puddles fit for splashing. The distinct jingle of the nearing ice cream truck, and its promise of frozen favorites. And what about your garden itself? Ice cream and puddles may come with the whole springtime package, but your garden takes work. Here at Lou’s Landscaping & Design, we know this comes as no surprise to you! But before you get out your shorts and shears, here are four simple, affordable tips for getting your landscape ready for the spring!

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  • Take a Stroll: Winter can be constraining, so here’s your license to seize the spring’s change in weather. Take a stroll – around your yard especially. Take a glance at what exactly winter has done to your garden. Are there any damaged branches or tree limbs strewn about where your garden bed used to be? Any dead areas on your shrubs? Which cherished perennials, if any, have survived? If you manage to survey the wreckage without getting too sidetracked by the warming weather – a tall task, we know – you’ll be on track to a successful spring cleanup.
  • Make Your Bed: Finally, a bed you actually want to make! After months of making and remaking your layers and layers of winter blankets, you can now turn your efforts to your garden beds. Use a garden edger to mark the boundary of your garden. Now that you’ve surveyed the damage left by the colder months, you’re ready to clean your garden beds. Discard those damaged tree parts and weed those unwanted plants. Prep your soil by digging and adding fertility-promoting mixtures. Take hold of the exciting start to the season and prune those pesky, shriveled parts. Keep in mind that pruning is most effective when done before a new growth cycle.

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  • Get Inspired: Is there a unique style that has caught your attention or have you established a distinctive style of your own? Think about how you can blend them into your garden. If not, take another stroll, around the block or even through your local gardening center. Seeing a variety of ideas can jog some promising ones of your own. Of course, you can gather ideas without even leaving home. Thinking about the style and color of your home’s exterior can help lead to a pleasant outcome: outdoor landscaping that’s in harmony with your exteriors. Be sure to refer to handy tips and examples provided by Lou’s Landscaping.
  • Strategize: With landscaping, as with many things, it pays to plan in advance. Keeping your newfound inspiration in mind, get a top-notch strategy in place by asking simple questions like: High or low maintenance plants? (This could dictate how long you spend tending to your garden this spring.) Do my preferences make sense given my climate? (The answer could be the difference between a vibrant garden and wasted effort.) Do I have the slightest idea where to start? And if not, should I seek help as soon as possible? If the last couple of questions make you sweat, consider asking a professional for some advice. Lou’s Landscaping is one company that has garnered ample praise. “Time and again,” raves one client, “[the] team perform[s] excellent work.”

Now that your landscape – and your mind – is all clear, you’re more ready than ever for the garden you’ve been envisioning all winter. Let there be no doubt: you’re ready for this. You’ve been utterly inspired, and have combined this inspiration with thoughtful strategy. You’ve cleaned away the damage left by last winter, and have tended your garden beds into tip-top condition. Now you’re ready to pick the perfect plants and get going! You’re well on your way to enjoying the sounds and sights that make spring special – starting with your garden and its vibrant visitors. If you need help at any point along the way, contact Lou’s Landscaping & Design. We’ll do our part to help ensure your spring is an enjoyable one!

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