Tree Removal: Leave It to the Professionals

It’s scary to think how naive first time homeowners can be to the real dangers of tree removal. You can’t read a how-to article on the topic and attempt such a specialized feat all by your lonesome- the results could be dangerous and costly.

More experienced homeowners already know and understand that tree removal should always be left to the professionals. They’ve already been there, done that with all of the possible injuries, property damages, improper disposals, and other complications associated with doing the job themselves. However, if you’re new to the factors involved with proper tree removal, Lou’s Landscaping & Design can save you lots of hassle, time, energy, headaches, and wasted money. Leave it to us!

First of all, tree removal is an extremely dangerous project. Therefore, it requires specialized training, equipment, and physical abilities that ensure the entire process is completed safely and correctly from start to finish. Homeowners simply do not possess the prerequisites to guarantee themselves a 100% safe experience- and have no protection if something goes wrong.

For example, a tree removal professional excels at safely cutting down a tree without putting his or herself at risk. On the other hand, a homeowner might seriously hurt their self. Cutting down a tree, also known as felling a tree, is very dangerous if not done correctly because more people are killed while felling trees than during any other logging activity – plain and simple.

Tree removal specialists are trained to establish their escape route so they can escape each falling tree before they start their work. Running away from a dangerous place or situation each day on the job isn’t something to take lightly. Felling trees aren’t a game or a do it yourself kind of project to be done with a group of friends.

There’s also heavy machinery and equipment needed for cutting, which brings us to another scare. Your average homeowner might run from a falling tree or dive from a crashing branch, but would he or she know that their chainsaw could throw the bar of the saw into their face as their cutting the tree?

To another point, a homeowner could easily damage the property surrounding their tree because the tree could drop in an unplanned direction. The falling tree could hit you, your neighbor, your car, your home, your fence, or a power line. Hence, only properly trained professionals should fell trees because all types of unpredictable things can happen once that tree goes timber!

Finally, chopping down the tree is only half the battle. What about everything that goes into properly disposing of the tree? Homeowners will face major fines if they dispose the tree debris illegally. Also, tree disposal involves more risks because you have to cut apart large tree limbs and branches using, once again, extremely dangerous machinery. The tree debris and large limbs have to be compacted because most trash collectors won’t touch it otherwise. In fact, if you fell trees on your own you’ll most likely have to wait for heavy-duty trash pickup, or haul the tree debris to a legal disposal site on your own.

The tree removal and disposal process is a lot to deal with for homeowners. It’s simply too dangerous. There are many social media outlets promoting the idea of do-it-yourself projects, but tree removal shouldn’t be one of them. The do-it-yourself mentality is great for basic home repairs or craft projects, but not for something as dangerous as tree removal.

The bottom line is homeowners who attempt their own tree removal may be injured by falling tree debris, the tree itself, malfunctioning equipment, or by improperly handling the equipment. From our experience, homeowners cause more problems from their attempt to remove trees than they actually solve.

Services offered by Lou’s Landscaping & Design include tree removal and disposal in a timely and safe manner. To request a visit from one of our certified tree care experts or for more information please contact Lou’s Landscaping & Design today. We will assess all your tree needs in a pressure -free, honest, and straightforward consultation.

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