Winter Salting in Wayne, NJ

Since 1999, Lou’s Landscaping and Design of Wayne, NJ has offered our commercial and residential clients in New Jersey and New York our trusted ice removal and salting service during the winter months. The team at Lou’s Landscaping believes that safety of the customer and employees and family is of the utmost importance to a business, and during the winter months, ensuring that the exterior of your business is safe and accessible should be of the highest priority.

Even before a winter storm affects the area, Lou’s Landscaping will be in contact with our commercial clients to inform them of a time that they will be serviced. Throughout the duration of the storm, we monitor email and phone lines 24/7, to best be able to serve clients that may have an emergency. A team from Lou’s Landscaping and Design will arrive on your property with all of the necessary equipment to remove snow and ice, as well as special salts and materials that won’t harm surfaces beneath the ice or surrounding landscaping.

Without proper salting, your business is at risk for pricey lawsuits due to falls and injuries. Ice is no laughing matter in New York and New Jersey; so don’t wait for someone to get hurt before requesting our trusted salting and ice removal services. Working with Lou’s Landscaping and Design ensures that you will have peace of mind throughout the chilly and icy winter months at your business or residence.

Lou’s Landscaping and Design is also available to salt your residential area. For slippery walkways and driveways, sometimes removing the snow isn’t enough. The Lou’s Landscaping and Design team will not only remove all of the ice and snow, but will also salt walkways and driveways so that you and your family are safe from painful slips. Our residential clients receive the same care and attention as our commercial clients, meaning you will save yourself a lot of time spent shoveling, and pain from falling this winter.

Before the first winter storm shows up, Lou’s Landscaping and Design will visit your commercial location in New Jersey or New York, and mark off sidewalks so our crews know exactly where salting needs to occur. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous crew will have your commercial lots, sidewalks, and steps clear and salted before your business is scheduled to open the next day so you can continue to operate safely. Call us at 973-694-7038, or fill out a contact form to get in touch with Lou’s Landscaping and Design to set up your commercial and residential ice salting service for the upcoming winter season.