Landscape Lighting in Wayne, NJ

A crucial aspect of landscaping is lighting. It is important to consider your landscaping choices not only as they would appear during the day, but at night also. A professional outdoor lighting system provides an artistic and creative utilization of light and shadow to your landscape. Not only does it provide a beautiful enhancement of your outdoor space, but it also elevates security and therefore the safety of your home or property.

Outdoor Lighting Installation in New Jersey

A consultation with Lou’s Landscaping and Design will provide you with a plan for choosing the type and placement of our lighting for your desired ambiance and mood. With our various lighting fixtures, wiring, lamps, and methods of installation, we will create lasting lighting for your landscape.

Our professionals are guaranteed to achieve the correct balance of form and function for your outdoor lighting. A picture perfect landscape by day is nothing without the beauty and safety that lighting adds to it by night.

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